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Number of Circuits

No. of circuits should be selected in such a way that the load variations on each circuit during the day are not significant. For heavy load equipment/ appliances, individual MCB should also be provided.

Current Carrying Capacity

Current carrying capacity of all the elements of the circuit should be matching. For example, if the total installed load in a circuit is 16 Amp, then rating of MCB should be 16 Amp and wire size (2.5sq mm) should also be selected accordingly. Otherwise MCB will not serve the required purpose. If higher rating MCB is installed in this circuit, it will not provide overload protection.

Quality of Material

Quality of the material used in the circuit is equally important. If the quality of even one material, say wire, is sub-standard, it will reflect on the performance of other parts of the circuit like MCB which may otherwise be of very good quality. For example, in case of short circuiting, poor quality wire will burst/burn out first before the MCB trips.

Fool Proof Safety

Function of RCCB is to give protection against any leakage of current, which may result in electric shock. Whereas MCB is safety switchgear for protection against short circuit and overload. Therefore both the safety devices should be installed for fool proof safety

Frequently Tripping MCB

If MCB frequently trips, it is an indication of fault in the circuit. In such a situation, you should immediately call an expert electrician to rectify the fault.

Wire Connections

Loose connections result in sparking which may damage the switchgear / prove hazardous. Therefore the wire connections should be tight (no loose strands) and preferably be made by using lugs/thimbles

MCB Category to Use

‘B’ category MCB is used for heating load (geysers, heaters) in the circuit whereas ‘C’ category MCB is used for inductive load (motor, air conditioners). Selection of wrong category MCB will adversely affect its performance

Protecting Electrical Installations

The electric installations should be protected from rain water/dust to avoid damage and to ensure safety

Earthing Electrical Equipments

All Electrical equipments should be properly earthed


Air Conditioner 1.0 Ton 10A
1.5 Ton 16A
2.0 Ton 20A
Cooking Range With oven cum griller 4500 Watts 25A
With oven cum griller 1750 Watts 10A
Oven only 750 Watts 6A
Hot Plate only 2000 Watts 10A
Room Heater 1000 Watts 6A
2000 Watts 6A
Geyser (Storage instantenous) 1000 Watts 10A
2000 Watts 10A
3000 Watts 16A
6000 Watts 32A
Washing Machine(Automatic) 1300 Watts 6A
LCD & LED TV 750 Watts 6A
Photo Copier 1500 Watts 6A
Electric Kettle 1500 Watts 10A
Mixer Grinder 1000 Watts 6A
Toaster 1200 Watts 6A
Electric Iron 1250 Watts 6A